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Innovation and over four decades of experience have powered our air compressor services and made us the contractor of choice for various industries in Florida. From industrial compressor maintenance and repair to new installation and regular air audits, we can partner with you to ensure the top performance of your systems.

Our highly trained industrial compressor technicians can handle any type of compression system, whether large or small industrial units. With our bespoke industrial air system services, you can significantly reduce your energy spendings and optimize the performance of systems. We can confidently say our work is the best you can find anywhere in Central Florida.

Whether you need a full-service installation, maintenance, or repair of your industrial compressors, our team has what it takes to deliver. We’ve been in the industry for over 50 years, so you can trust us to come through with experience and expertise that ensures a work well done. Our team is here to ensure your system remains in flawless working condition.

As a leading industrial compressor service provider in Florida, we operate with a strong moral code. We are constantly working hard to maintain our reputation as the best choice air system company that industries can rely on.

Compressor Support Services

Equipment Sales

Top Quality Air Compressor Equipment

As a premier industrial compressor equipment seller in Florida, we offer a wide range of compressors and compressor parts to help you maximize the system’s productivity. When it comes to compressed air systems procurement, quality is everything. You need an industrial compressor sales company that recognizes this and is ready to provide the best air compressors and equipment that meets your needs.

At ICS, we pride ourselves on providing quality equipment that meets industry standards. Our air compressors are known to deliver unmatched performance. We always make sure the equipment we supply is the right fit for every business need. We are always available to install and answer any questions you may have concerning the use of the equipment.

We work with top manufacturers and air compressor equipment suppliers in the US and can provide any air system equipment you need. If you’re looking to buy the best air compressor equipment in Florida, look no further than ICS. We offer the best prices you can find in the market combined with bespoke sales services to help you maximize its use.

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Experienced Air Compressor Installers

Quality installation of air compression systems is vital to its continuous functionality. If not properly installed, your air systems will not run optimally for as long as possible. A poorly installed compression can also cost you money in the long run in terms of energy bills and repairs. It’s imperative to contact a team of professional air compressor installers in Florida who can get the job done effectively.

At ICS, we offer best-in-class air compressor installation services to meet the needs of industrial clients in Central Florida. We are highly effective in service delivery. Our team can design, retrofit, and install your air compressors with attention to detail.
We strive to ensure that every system we install delivers energy and cost savings for the business to enjoy air quality for years to come. With over 50 years of experience installing air compressors, you can trust us to deliver an outstanding service.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our installation services and get started.

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Compressor Installation


Air Compressor Repair Technicians

At ICS, we provide best-in-class air compressor repair services to restore your air systems to perfect working conditions. No matter where you are in Central Florida, our air compressor repair technicians can come to you as soon you call and fix the issues so you can start enjoying better air quality. Common problems you may be facing include delayed performance, oil leaks, malfunctions, overheating, and more. We’ve been repairing air compressors for decades, so you can rely on our repair service team to deliver quality work.

Our technicians can repair any make or model of the compressor to restore good air quality to your industrial space. We conduct on-site inspections of the equipment before repairing or replacing the broken part of the air compressor. Our team is available 24/7 because we know your air systems are vital to your business productivity. As soon as you call, a team of professional air compressor repair technicians will promptly respond, well equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our repair services and how to get started.

Compressor Repair


Affordable Air Compressor Rental

Keeping your business center up and running with a working compressor in place will help you improve productivity. You can rely on our air compressor rental services when your systems fail or require maintenance. With the viable option to rent air compressors from ICS, you’ll never have to experience downtime. Your productivity means a lot to us, and that’s why we offer highly competitive rental prices so you won’t have to break the bank to keep your business running.

ICS has a large inventory of equipment for rent. We’re always available to deliver any equipment you need to your industrial site. ICS is the best air compressor rental company in Central Florida; you can trust to be there for you when you need help. 

Get in touch with us today to request one of our available air compressors for rent.

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Air Audits

Air Systems Audit Professionals You Can Rely On

If your air compressors are vital to your business productivity, then you need to make sure they remain functional. That starts with a regular air audit of your entire system. With ICS advanced air compressor monitoring services, you rectify issues before they even happen. Our team can schedule regular visits to your facility and perform audits to ensure your air systems are kept in the best shape at all times. Employing our air audit services is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

When your air compressor performance starts depreciating, it affects your business capabilities. This and more can be prevented with quality air audits by the ICS team. We’ll provide current data on the performance of your systems so that you can easily tell when it needs some maintenance or upgrade. Our air audit services will significantly optimize your compressor output and prevent challenges.

Get in touch with us today to start auditing your air compressors.

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Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Maximize Your Air Compressor Efficiency

To keep your air compressor equipment operating optimally, you need to schedule preventive maintenance and create a care plan that ensures continued functionality. At ICS, we customize preventative maintenance of air compressors to meet specific needs. Our routine industrial air compressor maintenance services ensure reliable performance of your air systems. You will not have to worry about unforeseen failures and breakdowns.

We have a highly experienced team of air compressor maintenance technicians in Florida who will work according to the agreed maintenance program and deliver quality service every time. Like any other business investment, routine air compressor maintenance is vital to your industrial operation and needs to be taken seriously. Our comprehensive maintenance services handled by professionals will ensure you enjoy peak air system performance.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our preventive maintenance agreements and how to get started.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance

24 Hour Emergency Service

Expert Services Available When You Need It

At ICS, we understand the importance of being available for you in times of emergency when you need your air systems back in operation quickly. We offer comprehensive 24/7 emergency air compressor services to industries in Central Florida.

Whether you need emergency repairs, maintenance, or installation of new parts for your air compressors, our team is available to help. You can rest assured that as soon as you call, we’ll be at your facility in no time. Get in touch with us today and our team of air compressor service professionals will arrive on time to handle your emergency.

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Elgi has 400+ air compressor products to suit your requirements. ELGi manufactures a complete range of air compressors that include oil lubricated and oil-free electric powered rotary screw compressors, diesel powered portable screw compressors, oil lubricated, and oil-free reciprocating compressors, dryers, air receiver tank and other air accessories.


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