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Industrial Compressor Services is Central Florida’s leading provider of air compressor installation, sales, rental, repair services, and more. As a family-owned and operated business, we strive to deliver excellent customer service through innovation and professionalism. We deal on all types of industrial compressors to deliver the air quality you need to perform your industrial activities efficiently.

With over 50 years of industrial compressor service experience, we’ve worked with industries in various sectors from manufacturing to automotive industries and more. Our professional industrial compressor technicians in Florida understand our customer’s needs and strive to meet them with a tailored service. Your complete satisfaction in our work is the top priority.

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Industry Solutions

ICS brings you top-notch services with professional technicians who take pride in delivering quality industrial services that meet clients’ needs in Central Florida. We strive to offer excellent customer service, fast response, quality equipment, all at highly competitive rates. As a part of our service process, we collaborate with our clients to learn about their needs before creating a solution to help them solve their industrial air compressor needs. Safety and effective service delivery are some of our priorities as we strive to ensure the success of every project.







Authorized Distributor of ElGi Compressed Air Products

Elgi has 400+ air compressor products to suit your requirements. ELGi manufactures a complete range of air compressors that include oil lubricated and oil-free electric powered rotary screw compressors, diesel powered portable screw compressors, oil lubricated, and oil-free reciprocating compressors, dryers, air receiver tank and other air accessories.


Panacea Compressor Fluid Products

Panacea Lubricants are formulated with the compressor, the customer and the environment in mind. Lower initial and lifetime costs. The only lubricant that’s guaranteed for 12,000 Hours under normal conditions!



Why Choose Us?

To enjoy energy savings and save overhead costs on your air compression system, you need expert compressor technicians in Florida who have the knowledge and experience to deliver. At Industrial Compressor Services (ICS), our experienced technicians can inspect your compressor air systems, repair, maintain or replace them to optimize your air system’s productivity and performance. Having been in the industry for over 50 years, we understand the importance of air quality in any industry and strive to deliver services that reduce system failures, operational costs, energy usage, and improve air quality.

As we grow, we keep expanding our knowledge in all aspects of air systems and partnering with various stakeholders in the industry for lifelong business relationships.

We are a reliable industrial compressor service company built on trust, transparency, and integrity. Look no further than Industrial Compressor Services when you need quality air system services done fast, affordable, and with great professionalism.

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