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Sullivan-Palatek Inc. is a US-based designer and manufacturer of quality industrial air compressors. Known for its powerful innovations and technological advances, they have grown to provide some of the best air compressor equipment in the market today. Sullivan-Palatek air compressor equipment are highly reliable because they are engineered to deliver maximum uptime. As an authorized product dealer and service technician, we strive to make their products available to Central Florida’s Industries.

Sullivan-Palatek air compressor equipment are some of the best in the market. We understand the value of having standard equipment, and that’s why we partner with only the best manufacturers. The line of air compressors manufactured by Sullivan-Palatek are known to provide unmatched energy efficiency and reliability, strong enough to be used in any industrial setting.

Founded in 1984, Sullivan-Palatek has grown from providing engineering services to developing some of the most advanced air compressors and equipment in the market. All its machines are assembled in the US and designed to provide specific compressed air solutions. Furthermore, the company is committed to continuously improving its products to help make a difference in the compressed air industry. Buying Sullivan-Palatek compressed air equipment from ICS is not just a fantastic investment; it’s a means of connecting your business with advanced technologies and machinery.

Palatek Compressors

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Industries that need dependable compressed air systems can rely on Sullivan-Palatek products. They are expertly designed and engineered to offer maximum performance.  As one of the leading innovators in the field of compressed air equipment, Sullivan-Palatek has grown to be a manufacturer to contend with due to its product standard. Sullivan-Palateck’s product line includes industrial electric air compressors, diesel air compressors, construction air compressors, and other industrial equipment. Whether you’re looking to upgrade and install new air compressor equipments or replace equipment parts, ICS is your one-stop shop for all Sullivan-Palatek air compressor equipment.


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Industrial Compressor Services (ICS) is an authorized distributor of Sullivan-Palatek compressors in the US. Having ascertained the quality of their equipment, you can rest assured that any of their products in our inventory is the best. If you’re looking to acquire standard air compression equipment for your industrial or commercial operations, then look no further than ICS. We also offer air compressors for rent if you need to temporarily retrofit your operation with industrial air compressors. Get in touch with us today to learn more about any product in the Sullivan-Palatek collection.



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To enjoy energy savings and save overhead costs on your air compression system, you need expert compressor technicians in Florida who have the knowledge and experience to deliver. At Industrial Compressor Services (ICS), our experienced technicians can inspect your compressor air systems, repair, maintain or replace them to optimize your air system’s productivity and performance. Having been in the industry for over 50 years, we understand the importance of air quality in any industry and strive to deliver services that reduce system failures, operational costs, energy usage, and improve air quality.

As we grow, we keep expanding our knowledge in all aspects of air systems and partnering with various stakeholders in the industry for lifelong business relationships.

We are a reliable industrial compressor service company built on trust, transparency, and integrity. Look no further than Industrial Compressor Services when you need quality air system services done fast, affordable, and with great professionalism.

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Industrial Compressor Services is Central Florida’s leading provider of air compressor installation, sales, rental, repair services, and more. As a family-owned and operated business, we strive to deliver excellent customer service through innovation and professionalism. We deal on all types of industrial compressors to deliver the air quality you need to perform your industrial activities efficiently.

With over 50 years of industrial compressor service experience, we’ve worked with industries in various sectors from manufacturing to automotive industries and more. Our professional industrial compressor technicians in Florida understand our customer’s needs and strive to meet them with a tailored service. Your complete satisfaction in our work is the top priority.

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