If you are in the market for used air compressors, there are several excellent places to check out. Here are some suggestions that may help you located a used or refurbished air compressor that will serve you well.

One of the best places to look is with local vendors of air compressors. Often, they will have access to used units that have been reworked. These types of compressors sometimes come with a limited warranty, which you may not be able to get with in all situations. Another advantage of going through this sort of vendor is that chances are the reworked compressor has been tested and can reasonably be expected to perform very well.

Another place to look for used air compressors is at salvage centers. Used units find their way there often and may be in good working condition. Unlike dealing with a vendor of air compressors, you pretty much take your chances with this option. Salvage centers tend to sell products “as is,” so what you see is what you get.

Going online is another great way to find air compressors that are used but in good condition. Visit an auction site and search for air compressors. Often, you will find units available from a seller with a good rating. This is a little better than going to a salvage center, as the seller has a vested interest in maintaining that high rating and is likely to be honest about the condition of the compressor.

Used air compressors can be found in a number of places. It is just a matter of exploring each one until you find what you want and can afford. Begin your search locally with a vendor you can trust, and progress through your options. Chances are you will find an air compressor that will be exactly what you need in no time.